I Hopped Off the Plane at GLA With a Dream and a Cardigan. It’s a Party in the UK, Yeah.

So I arrived in Glasgow. The fantasy made real.

Cinderella enter the ball

Scotland is as beautiful as a fairy tale. It really looks like this.

Beautiful Scotland 2

Double rainbow forming on the western outskirts of Innerleithen, Scottish Borders

The sun shines golden, the greens are greener, even the clouds are a beautiful blue gray, and the wildflowers that grow everywhere are the most brilliant purples, pinks, blues, reds, and whites.

It is magical

Granted, by the time I collected my luggage and found my way to the school shuttle bus, it was too dark for anyone to see the scenery or my spectacular entrance.

Beautiful entrance

Doesn’t matter.

We came to fuck bitches

I boarded the bus bound for my accommodation.


Where it took me two hours to get my keys and find my flat.

Itty bitty living space

Which happens to have a view of the highlands and the train. The train makes me especially happy because 1) the last two places I’ve lived were next to train tracks and the sound of trains passing in the night has become a sort of lullaby for me, and 2) the train sounds exactly like the one out of Spirited Away.

Chihiro and No Face on train

It makes me want to watch the movie every time the train goes by, which is often.

Soot gathering candy

Anyway, I naturally didn’t have room in my suitcase for bedding, so I spent my first night wearing half the clothes I brought with me to keep warm and using my jacket as a pillow. Lots of fun.

My tail's froze, my nose is froze...

The first order of business in the morning was to get a real bed. I walked three miles along confusing roads in order to find a store that sold bedding. Streets here are not marked half the time, change names a bazillion times, disappear/reappear, and are not even close to following a grid system.

Definitely lost

What the hell is that

All the same, I found what I needed and everything went well until I was walking back and discovered the shoes I was wearing were not as broken-in as I thought they were. Blisters everywhere. It was bad. For the next week, it felt like I was walking on broken feet. I was still in Scotland, though, so I guess the good balanced out the bad.

Alright, we'll call it a draw

There was no way it was going to keep me from exploring my new reality.

And now for something completely different

Complete with accents!

That's a lovely accent you have, New Jersey

Surprisingly, I only met a couple people I couldn’t understand.

I understand nothing

All in all, I was over the moon.

This is the best

I wanted to see and do everything, absorb absolutely every molecule of the country.

I want it all, I want it now

I wanna know about the strangers like me

Even though almost nothing was familiar.

I have no idea what's going on but I'm excited

When I got to campus, I expected at least a few of the other international students to feel the same way I did.

Does anyone else feel like a rainbow

Instead, I was thrown among groups of spoiled, ungrateful undergrads here for study abroad. They were either completely oblivious of the fantastic opportunity they had before them or they were more concerned with looking cool.

Teenagers, they're really stupid

It was very disappointing.

Nerdy get on my level

Stay here as long as you can, cherish it

It also made me feel uncomfortably old.

Do we look older or does everyone in college look like babies

Feeling old

Especially as I went through orientation things I hadn’t done in five years – paperwork, social activities, tours, etc.

Student ID photo

Touring flamingoes

They were minor annoyances in the shadow of the school itself, though. You see, I go to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts is my home

No, seriously. Hogwarts.

UofG 1

UofG 2

UofG 3

UofG 4

And since the University of Glasgow accepted me where my top school didn’t, I like to think that I was chosen.

But I am the chosen one

There are even magic staircases.

Hogwarts staircases

You’re on the ground level, go inside, go up two flights of stairs, and you’re suddenly outside again on the ground level.


I love magic

I was a bubble of nerdy energy the first time I rounded the corner and saw the school sitting on that hilltop in all its glory.

You go, Dumble-dork

Adding the fact that I’d never seen a building of such size or age before, it was beyond comprehension.

Blown away, in awe

It was honestly unbelievable. I sat there staring at the quadrangles for hours, and my eyes still couldn’t adjust to it. Even my eyeballs said, “No way. We got something wrong. Let’s do that again.”

Can't believe eyes

In general, across the city and every second of the day, it’s so hard to believe I’m here. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up one morning in the US in my old room in my parents’ house with my old job.

Wake up and cry

Nah, I'm still asleep

Is all this one magnificent dream?

Perhaps, but for now let him sleep

For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own

For however long it lasts, I want to enjoy it. Squeeze every experience I can out of my time here.

I love waking up not knowing what's going to happen

The problem with that, however, is that I don’t know how to live.

I like sweatpants and staying home

When I look at Glasgow, determined not to be bored and to push my boundaries, I draw a blank. What do I do? Where do I start? How exactly does one have fun?

No idea

Especially when I factor in the fact that I’m alone.

Oh that's right, I'm alone

Even after classes start, I’ll have four days a week of open schedule.

I've got 2 hrs planned and then darkness and dragons

That’s an awful lot of time for me to spend alone doing things. Being alone NOT doing things like watching shows on Netflix is my specialty.

Rocking the pjs

I wonder what non-pathetic people are doing tonight

Leaving the house is another story.

Outside bad, the sun's scary

It’s much easier for me to be the brave one when I’m with other people, so I guess I could always ask someone to go with me to that museum or pub.

Does anyone want to be my friend

But who am I kidding? I’m about as good at talking to strangers as I am at going out by myself.

I do not have the talen of communicating easily with strangers

However, that could work in my benefit. Without people to talk to, I have no one to ask if all that I’m seeing is a dream or not.

Is this real life

So let the dream continue!

Kuzko I'm so happy


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