It’s 3750 Miles to Glasgow, It’s Dark, and I’m Wearing Sunglasses. Hit It.

I’ll spare you all the gory details of the last few days before I left the country. In short, I didn’t allow myself enough time to mentally prepare myself for my journey – I only had a day and a half to pack – my brother broke his collarbone, and I had three doctor’s appointments the week I left (one of which was on the day I left).


All this basically left me with a few hours to pack as much as I could cram into my allotted luggage allowances.

giphy (12)

Merlin magically packing

Even after cutting out all the unnecessaries, I was still seriously pushing the size requirements. I looked ridiculous next to the simple and tidy business travelers.

Oh, it'll fit

Anyway, as the hours ticked toward D-Day, I started getting nervous.

Nervous chewing

Very nervous.


I had a one-way ticket in my hand, and I was going somewhere where everything from the people I saw everyday to the groceries I bought was going to be different. I was ripping life as I knew it off like a bandaid.

Well, this is going to hurt like a motherfucker

I was also putting all my hopes and dreams on the line.

What if it's not everything I dreamed of

And what if it is, what do I do then

But despite the paralyzing fear I experienced, I couldn’t shake the remaining sliver of optimism and excitement.

I'm going on an adventure

I'm excited to sniff people's hair

That’s when a weird, previously unheard from patriotism attacked.

George Washington in a car

American Astronaut

Wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism

God bless America

I found t-shirts that I was sorely tempted to buy.

Raise your hand if you've ever been victimized by King George III

Or better yet, with Scotland’s independence movement:

If you've got monarchy problems...a king ain't one

Too cool for British rule

Fortunately, I was hyperventilating too much to consider it for very long.

I'm so excited, I may vomit

Because I was on my way to the airport.

And here we go

giphy (16)

I don't mean to be emotional, whole life led to this moment

Not that it helped my nerves. I was practically crying on the plane as we waited to take off. My comfort zone was sitting back at home because there wasn’t room for it in my carry-on. I was not ready for this.

Not ready Dumbledore

It only got worse when combined with normal airplane fears. I’m not actually afraid of flying, but the thought that the plane could crash and burn still lurks in the back of my mind.

Identifying your mangled corpse


There's something on the wing

There's a colonial woman on the wing

So yeah, sitting on the runway, I was losing my ever loving mind.

Screaming on airplane

But that’s a good thing, right? It meant I was doing something completely different to hopefully change the direction of my life.

The brave don't live forever, but the cautious don't live at all

My fear meant I was doing it right.

It's happening isnt' it

Life is happening

So the plane took off.

Leeroy Jenkins

And I waved goodbye to my home, family, and friends down below.

You're going to miss me by my hair, miss me when I'm gone

After that, all was well.


I can show you the world

I honestly expected the worst from the other passengers. A Chatty Cathy, a screaming child, someone kicking the back of my seat, etc.



Instead, it was rather peaceful all the way to London Heathrow.

Peaceful plane


We landed in London early the next morning. It was cloudy and drizzling. Very British. Not at all like the scorching hot, humid, sunny American south.


I appreciated the challenge of navigating the gigantic airport, UK border control, and everything else alone. I hadn’t had new territory to conquer in several years, so it was nice to stretch my legs a bit.

We are the champions of the world

But after I found my way to the right terminal, I realized I was carrying too much stuff to be able to explore, so I picked a spot and sat in it. For eight hours. Suddenly, the ten hour layover that looked so appealing for giving me plenty of time now just looked boring.

This is boring, I'm bored now

Of course, it didn’t help that it was still 3:00 in the morning for me.

giphy (17)

Also, as fascinated as I was by London (from the air) and as much as I still want to explore London and all of England, we didn’t “click.” Charleston and I clicked. It was home immediately, but I didn’t get that from England. It was just England.

Bored Hermione clapping

Like, “This is cool. Can I go to Scotland now?”

Alice yawn

It made me feel better about not choosing any of the English schools I got into, but it also worried me. What if I felt the same way about Scotland?

Emma Stone bored

As the plane descended through the clouds over Scotland, though, all my fears were put to rest. It was love at first sight.


It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Scotland scenery 1

Scotland scenery 2

Granted, after twenty-four hours on the go, hauling a hundred pounds of luggage, and walking up and down a horrible sidewalk trying to find my flat, I didn’t really have a mind to enjoy it all at once. But hey! I arrived!



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