Little Miss Popular

It took a little over a month after I finally submitted my applications to hear back with the results.

One eternity later

But first, some of the schools had to ask extra questions or clarifying information…you know, just to get my hopes up when I got an email from them.


The worst one was where a school needed me to prove my identity because I spelled it wrong on the application. I shit you not, I misspelled my own name on something that was supposed to present me as a competent, sophisticated, impressive prospective grad student.


I'm a unitard

Anyway, I did eventually get an email that contained the words I really wanted to read.

Yeah ok

No really! A real, not-at-all-being-punked acceptance to a graduate school in the UK!

Wide eyed


Winning the price is right

I applied to five schools, and naturally, the first school I got into was at the bottom of the list – the school I figured I had the highest likelihood of getting into. Although by no means a bad school, I mostly wanted it to boost my ego.


After that, everything came together within a week. A few days after my first acceptance, another one came, then another, and then another.


I also got letters from the two other schools – including my number one pick – but those weren’t quite so fruitful.

I ain't even mad

Honestly, I was only slightly disappointed by their rejections. I’d already gotten farther than I ever expected.

giphy (13)

You love me you really love me

Thank you - eye flutter

I also didn’t care that the schools who wanted me only wanted me for my weak American dollars that pay their international tuition.

He got money

All I had to care about was which of the three schools to attend, if any of them.

I don't know, I didn't think I'd get this far

One school (the first) was pretty generic and not worth the cost of attendance for me. The other two schools were both great, but for different reasons. One was a more expensive, highly ranked school that covered more of my areas of interest while the other was cheaper and had wonderful resources in one particular interest of mine.

There can be only one

After some deliberation, I made my choice: the University of Glasgow!

Sheep applause

Now back to paperwork!


Yup. Arranging financial aid, accommodation, health insurance, deposits, plane tickets, bio-metric information – to name a few – and my personal favorite: the visa! Government jargon is wonderful.


Fortunately, apparently being American works in my favor in a huge way. It seems that the UK doesn’t think Americans pose any great threat of terrorism, being broke, or bringing deadly diseases into the country. We’re all rich, healthy people with no tendencies toward violence or extremism as far at the visa committee is concerned.

Colbert and American flag

Hey, I don’t care as long as it gets me to Scotland.

Everybody dance now

Dancing pony

Waving arms dancing

Fat dancing

Katy Perry dancing


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