First Things First

This blog has been a long time coming , and thank God for this digital age that allows me to express myself in small cinematic moments. See, like most people I think, I don’t express myself very well in everyday conversation or even in a normal, written diary. I rely on memes, movie references, and writing fiction to sort out my psychological issues and emotions. But it’s not that I’ve been diagnosed with anything (yet). I don’t have crippling social anxiety or xenophobia (yet). I also don’t have an amazing, super fabulous life that needs to be documented. In fact, I’m pretty boring most of the time. I have some good things going for me (I’m moving to Scotland in a few months), but I can be really pathetic too (table for one please). I just want to document my life for what it’s worth the way that I see it. We’ll see what happens.



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